JOT manufactured “EZY Torque Hydraulic Cat Head” is specially designed to provide an accurate, smooth, constantaly increasing make-up and break out joint at rotary table, in a torque range of 40,000 to 1,50,000 ft-lbs.

JOT “EZY Torque Hydraulic Cat Head” are available to fit individual rig rquirements and operation parameters, it is powered by an independent power source. The power unit can be controlled form a convenient location on the rig with a remote control module, it features a lever actuated control valve, pressure gauge, and a pilot relief valve to provide pressure operation and regulation. Using high grade petroleum base hydraulic fluid.





  • Self-contained unit with hydraulic power & control unit suitable for safe operation.

  • Precise pressure control enables continuous makeup capbility.

  • Hydraulic operation of remote control module eliminates electrical hazards.

  • Simple hydraulic circuit ensures trouble – free performance.

  • Utilizes construction ensures durability.

  • Angle Between pull line & torque arm is 90°.

  • Positive displacement, tande pump provides efficient, steady hydraulic energy.

  • Control module enables remote pressure regulation and cylinder operation. Cylinder is mounted with the anchor adapter block.

  • Contains Flame prooof and explosion proof induction motor(10 HP, 1725 – 1760 RPM, 460 Volts, 60 Hz) to run hydraulic pump.

  • Protection cover to protect electrical system from weather conditons and operational situation(rain, water & mud) and hydraulic fluid from contamination.

  • Tested at 3000 psi.


 Technical Specification:-



Working Pressure(Min)

Cylinder Stroke Length

Line Pull Range

Time Period of Stroke

Wire Rope Size

Wire Line Travel

Overall Weight(Apr.)

Kgf/CM2 psi mm in Kg lbs power return in  mm in  mm Kg
141 2000 559 - 1067 22-42 11,793 to 14742 26,000 to 32,500  9 to 12 sec 5 to 8 sec 7/8" 22 84" 2134 700