JOT offer a complete range of hammer unions in standard and sour service. Hammer unions are commonly used in oilfield industry to seal two pieces of pipe or hose together and connected by threads or welds. They are high-pressure threaded or welded connections with two halves, a threaded female half and a wing male half with swivel nut thatfit together and seal upon turning and then hammering the nut half together with the threaded half.

To fit different sizes of pipe or hose, corresponding types of hammer unions are designed. In most cases, they come in sizes from 1" up to 10" and in pressures from 1,000 psi up to 15,000 psi. We distinguish pressure ratings with different colours. Below is the chart for complete pressure rating and colour codes for each high-pressure hammer union available. 

These unions are manufactured with latest techniques and workmanship with correct raw material suitable for specific Pressure Rating and service. 



Specifications For Threaded and Butt Weld Hammer Unions