They are made of specially formulated compounds which are tough and have along life. Oil Saver Rubbers are moulded from a special compound of oil, gas and abrasion-resistant rubber for long service life. Oil and other fluids are removed from the wireline and allowed to re-enter the well, which helps prevent potential well-site contamination. Our savers are supplied in different colours viz red, green, blue etc. They are made of hardness ranging from 35° to 55°A. 

Type H 
HSPC Description  Replacement Rubber for OEM Units
Type H 3/8" - 5/8"  Guiberson Type H
Type H 3/8" - 5/8" Soft  Guiberson Type H
Type H 5/16" - 7/16" Soft   Guiberson Type H





Tubing Stripper Rubbers are made from a proven oil and abrasion-resistant rubber. Tubing can be pulled on run-in with pressure still on the well while also stripping fluids off the tubing O.D. to provide a cleaner job site.   

Type JU & Type JUS
Normal Size Replacement Rubber for OEM Units 
 2.375" Guiberson Type JU & JUS 
 2.875" Guiberson Type JU & JUS 
3.500"  Guiberson Type JU & JUS 





They aid in keeping hydrocarbon seepage to a minimum while under pressure. They clean rods of excessive oil and waxes to provide a safer working environment. Size: 5.15" O.D. 0.609" LD. 

BJ Equivalent
HSPC Description Normal Size  Replacement Rubber for OEM Units
 BJ - 5/8" .612"   BJ Type Rod Wiper
 BJ - 3/4" .750"  BJ Type Rod Wiper
 BJ 7/8"   .875"  BJ Type Rod Wiper
BJ - 1"   1.000"   BJ Type Rod Wiper


BJ Equivalent New Style
HSPC Description Normal Size  Replacement Rubber for OEM Units
 BJ - 5/8" NS .612"   BJ Type Rod Wiper
 BJ - 3/4" NS .750"  BJ Type Rod Wiper
 BJ 7/8"  NS  .875"  BJ Type Rod Wiper
BJ - 1"  NS  1.000"   BJ Type Rod Wiper