JOT manufactured Pneumatic Power Slip is a fully automatic, remote controlled, air operated system for the setting and releasing of drill pipe slips for 3-1/2" to 5-1/2" drill pipe. The PPS can accommodate 6-5/8" drill pipe, but only as a tripping tool. 

The PPS eliminates the difficult and sometimes dangerous job of hand setting and lifting of Drill Pipe Slips. The Pneumatic Power Slips can be controlled by either a hand or foot operated remote control valve. The Power slips are set by gravity and released by applied air pressure. The Power Slips is designed to fit into 27-1/2" and 37-1/2" to 49-1/2" Rotary Tables equipped with Pin Drive Master Bushings. JOT manufactured Pneumatic Power Slips are non Rotating equipment. 


Size and rating   Fully automatic, non-rotating, air operated
   Drill pipe sizes 3-1/2" to 6-5/8" O.D.
   Rotary table 27-1/2", 37-1/2" to 49-1/2" Equipped with pin drive Master Bushings
 Air Air supply Regulated, 90 psi (482 KPa) 
  Control system Air pilot operated, hand or foot controlled
  Air hoses Low pressure, 23' Approx. equipped with QD fittings
 Guides Guide ring replaceable type
Slips Slip inserts replaceable type
  Slip for Power Slip 4-1/2" Slip Body for 3-1/2" to 4-1/2" drill pipe
  Slip for Power Slip  5-1/2" Slip Body for 4-1/2" to 5-1/2" drill pipe
  Slip for Power Slip 6-5/8" Slip Body for 6-5/8" drill pipe only
Dimension and weights Weight Approx 1,600 lb (727.3 kg)
   Width 32" (813 mm)
Overall height: Slip set, in (mm) 39.9" (1013 mm)
   Slips Released, in (mm) 48.4" (1229 mm) 
Height above rig floor:  Slips set: 17.5"(445 mm) 
  Slips released: 26.0" (660 mm)